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Shugo chara chapter 37



(Thank you Kademirumoro from Guardians wish for Summary)

The Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key join together to create a blinding flash of light. It somehow puts Amu and Tadase into some weird bubbles (And yes, they’re not sharing a bubble) and from there, they see a much younger version of Ikuto, and Utau is with him. It seems like they are peering into his past.

Utau is crying over the issue of their parents, and Ikuto tries to get her to stop. Anyway, the scene shifts to Tadase, excited at the prospect of being able to meet his onii-tan. There’s a short scene with his mother but I’m not sure what exactly happened.

And Tsukasa makes an appearance. I think he’s at Tadase’s house, seeing as his mother’s there holding a plateful of drinks. Ikuto just keeps looking at the scene, not saying a word.

We now reach the part where Ikuto gets Yoru’s egg. He’s of course shocked and all, but Tsukasa shouts to him to snap him out of his thoughts. Apparently it’s something to do with his father’s violin, and they’re talking about if it really brings bad luck or something.

We leave this part to see the scene when Tadase was trying to catch up with Ikuto, when he left with the violin. Though Ikuto was worried (When Tadase fell), he just quickly ran off. He feels a pang of guilt, and is sorry to Utau and Tadase for running away.

At some snowy town, Tsukasa and Ikuto are having a conversation and Ikuto is pretty much pissed at him. (That part was CLASSIC. 8D)

Mentally sweatdropping, Ikuto takes out his violin to play, and it seems like the passers-by are entranced by the song. They reach out to pat his head and offered him something to eat too. At the end of the day, the violin case is filled with sweets and money.

At this point Amu and Tadase are still staring on, and wonders what is up with the scene.

Anyway, back to the plot-One day, when Ikuto is playing his violin, and old woman approaches him and speaks in a strange dialect. Even though Ikuto can’t understand her, the picture in her hands makes him shocked. He actually saw his father!

Ikuto tells Tsukasa about the happenings,and somehow it results into Ikuto crying. Tsukasa comforts him, and poof! Yoru hatched.

Amu and Tadase look pretty sad at how much Ikuto has gone through. Back to the past, though…while Tsukasa is in the midst of comforting Ikuto, it looks like some of Easter’s bodyguards have started to approach him…


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Hello world!

Hello world~! Youtubers, da’rs, manga fans…Shall I continue~?

This was created in order to post videos, images and summaries of Shugo chara Manga. Hope you enjoy and check out chapter 37~